Clinical Studies

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CBD Absorption Study

American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine

Safety Study

Liposomal Cannabidiol Delivery: A Pilot Study

“Larger studies with more time points are needed to replicate results and validate that liposomal [CBD] is a more efficient and universal delivery system than nonliposomal preparations of [CBD].”

CBD Safety Study

American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine

Safety Study

Next Generation of Liposomal Delivery for Cannabidiol From a Hemp Extract:
A Safety Study

“Our results are very promising and additional work is in the planning stages to further delineate the mechanism of action of CBD on glucose levels, and to confirm the present findings.”

Vitamin C Study

Liposomal Vitamin C Study Results

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Vitamin B12 Study

B12 Study- Comparative Absorption of Traditional Liposomal Liquid vs. Liposomal Powder-Filled Capsule

B12 After Capsule or Liquid